Online Lotto Winners - Examples of People Who Played Lotto Online and Won a Big Prize

Mum from Exeter becomes huge lotto winner!

A mum from Exeter was totally overwhelmed when she received a festive fortune from Lucky Dip. Jenn Burston, who is a mother of two young kids, became a winner in the huge Lotto Quadruple Rollover draw.

She was among five ticket holders who just matched five figures together with the bonus ball. However, as no one matched each of the six figures, there was a rollover of the prize. Every ticket holder was a winner of £3,062,272.

The win originated from a chance purchase online. According to Jenn, she had always played EuroMillions online. When she came across the huge Lotto rollover, she decided to give it a try. 

She logged into her phone and found out she was a winner! She could not believe it and showed her husband the phone for him to confirm.

Already, Jenn is making arrangements to get a bigger family residence soon. They had booked a vacation to Turkey and may now add on another trip!

Jenn stated that she kept wondering how this kind of money could be spent. However, she is confident that the answers will come to them soon!

Lotto Player Becomes $15 Million winner with ticket purchased online

October 13 2010 - Yesterday night’s entire $15 million has been won by a NSW lotto player of Oz Lotto jackpot. The winner, who did not want his identity revealed, obtained the great news today, after they bought their ticket online.

This morning, a man won another $6.11 million from west Sydney, in the $2 Jackpot Lottery. According to him, he was a fighter and had worked extremely had to get where he was. Therefore, this meant his entire life would change, revealed the Smithfield man in his 50s, who has two children.

He had his house pulled apart for renovations and claimed the win would assist to finish it off. He said he might purchase a holiday home on Central Coast and purchase a new vehicle for his wife!

Lottosend Presents an Online Ticket Service for Lotteries Around the World

Lottosend Review

Lottosend presents an online ticket service for lottery that provides an easy, reliable and comfortable method of participating in the hugest and most famous licensed lotteries globally, such as Mega Millions and EuroMillions.

Their objective is to give clients from throughout the globe a chance to take part in some jackpot lotteries that are among the most famous, comfortably from their mobile device or PC.

Their team consists of a group of skilled experts with a huge range of skills acquired from years of experience in the sector of gaming and lottery. This means you are in good hands.


About Lottosend

Lottosend is a global online lottery found in Slovakia. If you are a player, you can get lottery tickets for ten of the hugest international jackpots.

Lottosend utilizes its name and sends a copy of your ticket that is scanned to you. Not all online resources provide this comforting feature. 

Website Design

Some websites are busy, intimidating or confusing. But, Lottosend can be navigated easily as it is clearly labeled. Traditional site options are available along the top right corner, such as Support, Frequently Asked Questions, Home, Results and Raffles, which is the latest option.

Origin of Lotteries

As Lottosend’s blog indicates, the idea of lotteries goes back to the first game known as Keno. Playing of Keno began during the Han Dynasty in China, dating back to 187BC. It might have been the resource that was used in financing the building of the Great Wall of China.

It is said that Augustus Caesar rebuilt Rome with money from lotteries. Along the coastline of Europe, in the 1400s lotteries were not just used in constructing and maintaining defensive tools; in addition, funds were utilized to assist the poor.

Keno is played today, with more laws and regulations included; however, there is a chance of winning a huge quantity of cash using only one entry.

Learn more about Lottosend here:

Playing Swiss Lotto Online

Interesting Features of Swiss Lotto Online

Playing Swiss Lotto Online

Where the online world is concerned, Swiss Lotto ranks among the most popular lotteries you are able to play. A wonderful feature about this lottery is that it is possible to play online as well, which makes this lottery more precious. 

Although winning might be challenging, this is what makes it interesting! Playing online provides immense pleasure and is very rewarding.

Winning the Swiss Lotto Jackpot

No real recipe exists here for winning. Numbers for lottery are formed randomly and the draw is done randomly as well. It is possible to track the randomly drawn numbers. 

You are also able to form patterns that can greatly benefit you fast, when you play them correctly. To win, you should play the probabilities. This is not as difficult as you might believe.

Even if the probability of winning is normally 95% most of the time, the concept is to get a combination of odd numbers or even numbers, since they might be winners.

But, the most ideal combination for one to have is 3/3,2/4 or 4/2. This presents many probabilities and the result can be an extremely profitable one.

Winning Odds for Swiss Lotto 

A previously mentioned, Swiss Lotto has very low chances of winning. This is the reason you should get a great, imaginative way to make the odds even.

Try to operate with a group strategy; this can be very vital. You need to take things slow and avoid being in a rush. This is to ensure a wonderful outcome.

For instance, you can miss out on some numbers, if you so wish. This can be effective and is very helpful in the end.

Prizes and Record Jackpot for Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto gains its popularity due to its awesome jackpots. In itself, this makes it exceptional and fun since you are able to acquire a remarkable set of outcomes, making things much more enjoyable!

A great number of jackpots are available for winning and one of the hugest jackpots was a whole CHF 70.1 million! Therefore, a huge amount of cash is available to be won with this specific lottery.

Find out more about the Swiss lotto at the following recommended link:

Odds of Winning a Lotto Jackpot with Eurojackpot Lotto and Winner Examples

The EuroJackpot presents the best winning odds as well as a thrilling prize winning chart of 12-tier. Players are able to take part in this lottery through OSA services.

The official launch of EuroJackpot was carried out on 23 March 2012. Ten countries in Europe take part in this lottery. These are Italy, Germany, Iceland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Eurojackpot results can be found at this use full lottery website.

Playing the EuroJackpot

Draws for EuroJackpot are held in Helsinki each Friday. So as to become winners of this lottery jackpot, players need to match 5 key digits from 1-50 and two additional figures from 1-10.

EuroJackpot prizes are the same as for EuroMillions jackpot prizes. They are described as pari-mutuel, which signifies that prize divisions for lower level change depending on the jackpot’s amount. As the jackpot grows, so does lower prize divisions.

Eurojackpot numbers draw

Comprehending the Odds

The game format of 5/50 for EuroJackpot sums up to 2,118,760 combinations. But, so as to win the jackpot, you should match two extra numbers, where the combination of 7-number then presents an overall of 95,344,200 combinations.

Winning the EuroJackpot

Even though it is only recently that the EuroJackpot was included as public entertainment, already, it has become the most famous in the globe.

Jackpots start at €10 million and it is only possible for them to go up to €90 million when it goes back to the starting jackpot of €10 million.

It is possible for you to beat EuroJackpot odds by playing the patterns that offer you the most ideal winning probability. 

EuroJackpot winner from Germany takes a record of 90 million Euros home

14 October 2016

A southern Germany man has become winner of a record 90 million euros, equivalent to 98 million euros in EuroJackpot draw. In Germany, this is the highest lotto win ever.

This winner from Baden-Wuerttemberg state beat the previous record of 84.8 million euros set, for German EuroJackpot in August. This was revealed by Westlotto, which is a regional lotto firm in Germany.