LottoLand Online Lottery Tickets Provider Review

As consumers we all want to make sure our hard-earned money is going to be safe and not going down the drain. 


Online ticketing agents provide easy platform to purchase tickets and more. There are already a number of ticketing agents rendering such services. Sometimes our choices can be clouded with doubts over the legitimacy of such sites. For lotto players online, one of the biggest questions is how Lottoland can guarantee that money will actually be paid out.

About Lottoland

Lottoland is an online lottery betting operator which provides the opportunity for players to bet on the outcome of the world’s biggest lotteries. It was established in May 2013. Their head office is situated in Gibraltar which is a worldwide hub for the online gaming industry.

Lottoland is awarded license by the Government of Gibraltar, the UK Gambling Commission, the Republic of Ireland National Excise License Office and Australia’s Northern Territory’s Racing Commission.

What is Lotto Betting

Lotto Betting is when you bet on the winning outcome of a lottery draw instead of buying an actual ticket for an official lottery draw. You will be picking the numbers which you think will be drawn and if you guess the numbers correctly, you will win prizes. The amount of the prize you will receiver will depend on how many numbers you were able to guess correctly.

Lottoland will then pay you the prize. It is important to note that Lottoland is not in any way connected to the official lottery operator. Any prize that you win is paid by Lottoland and not the official lottery operator. Let’s say you bet on the US PowerBall jackpot and correctly guess all of the winning numbers. Lottoland will be the one to pay you the prize money, not the official PowerBall operator.

The Lottoland Review

If you are looking for an innovative lottery game feature, Lottoland is the answer. Lottoland offers players a chance to bet on the outcome of the biggest and best lotto draws the world has to offer. Each day you can have the chance to be a millionaire. Lottoland offers attractive promotions from free euromillions during signup to bonuses and buy one get one free line bets for existing players. There are also scratchcards available and instant win games. I would say Lottoland is legit because it is duly licensed and registered. 

They are regulated by EU guidelines. They also have a secure data processing system. In fact they have a security certificate that ensures personal and financial data are protected from third party hack attacks. When it comes to withdrawing your winnings the process is not at all complicated. They can be transferred to your bank accounts or credit cards. They also have faster pay outs than others in the business.

Protect Your Data

As a general rule, we should all be cautious in giving out our personal information online. Scams are prevalent online. Make sure you navigate in secure browsers. With Lottoland you can be assured your valuable data is protected and your winnings will certainly be paid out.