SuperLotto Plus

How to Play SuperLotto Plus California Lottery Online

How to play SuperLotto Plus California Lottery

The SuperLotto Plus California Lottery is a great place to start when searching for a lottery to bet your money on. It is a Powerball game that five numbers are chosen from a set of 47 which is one group. One number is then selected from a different group of 27 numbers. It starts at $7 million and has now reached a record of $197 million as no winner has been selected. The SuperLotto Plus California Lottery draw is done two times per week (Mondays and Wednesdays). This raffle is almost impossible to win because only 1 in 41,416,353 are the odds for winning. That is however an ok odds as some raffle lotteries can reach up to 1 in 200 or even 300 million or more.

How to play

Step One: 

Find a SuperLotto Plus online lotto ticket service such as Lottosend if you are playing online from outside the USA. If you are playing from California, there are over 22,000 retailers in California increasing the average rate of finding a retailer near your home, coffee shop or retail store in your region. This lottery is however not easily accessible to international players who would wish to try their luck unless they use an online concierge service such as Lottosend .

Step 2: Pick 

Select your numbers in three different ways, quick pick, advance play or randomly. Random pick involves selecting random lucky numbers listed from one to forty seven on the SuperLotto Plus playslip. Then selecting from 1 to 27 for MEGA number. One playslip can hold up to five plays using your lucky numbers and you may play as many playslips as you like. 

As a player you also have the option of selecting quick pick for your first lucky numbers. Here the numbers are automatically selected for you. Quickpick can select for you ten plays on a single playslip. Advance play is the final means of selecting numbers. It enables you to play consecutive draws with one playslip. This can be done by marking the Advance Play Box. When an error is made click on the void box. 

Step 3: Buy 

Pay for your payslip with a $1 for each play when playing in the USA in order to receive a ticket. Your ticket will act as your receipt. This receipt contains the numbers selected on the plays, the date of playing and the amount paid. 

There will be a second code printed on your ticket for every $1 spent on a ticket. To increase your chances of winning. E.g if you pay three dollars you will receive three second chance codes for the next lottery draw. 

Step 4: Hope and Dream big 

This is the part where you sit back relax and dream. Picture what you would do if you won the money. Build castles in the air and hope for the best.

Step 5: Check 

Remember to check once the lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 7.45 p.m. PT. You can follow the draw or check for the winning numbers online. One can also check if they had won by scanning the barcode from a lottery retailer. I wish you all the best in the raffle. If you actually do win send some dollars this way!