Is Lottosend Legit?

Lottosend Review

Lottosend presents an online ticket service for lottery that provides an easy, reliable and comfortable method of participating in the hugest and most famous licensed lotteries globally, such as Mega Millions and EuroMillions.

Their objective is to give clients from throughout the globe a chance to take part in some jackpot lotteries that are among the most famous, comfortably from their mobile device or PC.

Their team consists of a group of skilled experts with a huge range of skills acquired from years of experience in the sector of gaming and lottery. This means you are in good hands.


About Lottosend

Lottosend is a global online lottery found in Slovakia. If you are a player, you can get lottery tickets for ten of the hugest international jackpots.

Lottosend utilizes its name and sends a copy of your ticket that is scanned to you. Not all online resources provide this comforting feature. 

Website Design

Some websites are busy, intimidating or confusing. But, Lottosend can be navigated easily as it is clearly labeled. Traditional site options are available along the top right corner, such as Support, Frequently Asked Questions, Home, Results and Raffles, which is the latest option.

Origin of Lotteries

As Lottosend’s blog indicates, the idea of lotteries goes back to the first game known as Keno. Playing of Keno began during the Han Dynasty in China, dating back to 187BC. It might have been the resource that was used in financing the building of the Great Wall of China.

It is said that Augustus Caesar rebuilt Rome with money from lotteries. Along the coastline of Europe, in the 1400s lotteries were not just used in constructing and maintaining defensive tools; in addition, funds were utilized to assist the poor.

Keno is played today, with more laws and regulations included; however, there is a chance of winning a huge quantity of cash using only one entry.

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