Online Lotto Winners - Examples of People Who Played Lotto Online and Won a Big Prize

Mum from Exeter becomes huge lotto winner!

A mum from Exeter was totally overwhelmed when she received a festive fortune from Lucky Dip. Jenn Burston, who is a mother of two young kids, became a winner in the huge Lotto Quadruple Rollover draw.

She was among five ticket holders who just matched five figures together with the bonus ball. However, as no one matched each of the six figures, there was a rollover of the prize. Every ticket holder was a winner of £3,062,272.

The win originated from a chance purchase online. According to Jenn, she had always played EuroMillions online. When she came across the huge Lotto rollover, she decided to give it a try. 

She logged into her phone and found out she was a winner! She could not believe it and showed her husband the phone for him to confirm.

Already, Jenn is making arrangements to get a bigger family residence soon. They had booked a vacation to Turkey and may now add on another trip!

Jenn stated that she kept wondering how this kind of money could be spent. However, she is confident that the answers will come to them soon!

Lotto Player Becomes $15 Million winner with ticket purchased online

October 13 2010 - Yesterday night’s entire $15 million has been won by a NSW lotto player of Oz Lotto jackpot. The winner, who did not want his identity revealed, obtained the great news today, after they bought their ticket online.

This morning, a man won another $6.11 million from west Sydney, in the $2 Jackpot Lottery. According to him, he was a fighter and had worked extremely had to get where he was. Therefore, this meant his entire life would change, revealed the Smithfield man in his 50s, who has two children.

He had his house pulled apart for renovations and claimed the win would assist to finish it off. He said he might purchase a holiday home on Central Coast and purchase a new vehicle for his wife!