Online Vs Offline Lottery; What is Better?

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Before the use of internet became so widespread, it was the norm to buy lottery tickets ‘offline’, even though it was quite time consuming. How would players go about it? They first needed to find a participating retailer and visit their store. There, they had to fill out a ticket slip and make the payment for purchasing it. Last, they had to wait for the televised draw to check if their ticket had won anything. Playing the lottery online is more convenient and easier than the offline method as it can offer you a range of games and feature. 

You now have websites such as the that offer you a multitude of lottery games that you can try from the comfort of your home. But, some people are still confused about whether to opt for the traditional method or go online. The best way to make a decision is to look at the key differences between the two routes. Read on to find out what they are:

Point of Sale 

As aforementioned, the location is one of the primary differences in playing the lottery online or offline. Offline means buying in-store whereas online means using dedicated websites like There is not much processing involved in the offline process as the retailer only verifies that you are 16 or above, but the same cannot be said for online purchases. When you have chosen a website, you have to make an account and this involves providing personal details such as address, name, and date of birth, email address and gender. Also, debit card details have to be entered so your payments can be processed. 

Notification and Security 

The level of assurance and security available online is another key difference between the two ways of playing the lottery. For instance, if you purchase a lottery ticket from a retail and it is subsequently lost or stolen, it can be very difficult for you to prove that you have won and you may not be able to claim the prize. This problem doesn’t exist if you have chosen to go with an online lottery ticket purchase. This is because there is a permanent digital record of your transaction as well as the numbers you bought. Next, there is also the issue of notification. In offline lottery process, if you fail to check your numbers, you can miss out on your prize, but with online lotteries, you are sent email alerts within 24 hours of winning and funds are also transferred straight to your account. The only exception is made in the case when the jackpot is huge and in this case the winner has to collect the cheque or prize in person. 

Convenient Features 

There are several convenient features you will be able to enjoy if you opt to purchase lottery tickets online and some of them are:

1- The ability to save and replay your tickets through Direct Debit. This allows lottery players to save their play slips, choose their favorite draws and then replay the same numbers continuously via Direct Debit or for a fixed number of weeks. This can be a huge benefit because it saves you from the hassle of entering each week and missing out in case you forget. Plus, you don’t have to remember your favorite number combinations either. This is a benefit that offline lottery cannot offer you.

2- The ability of choosing random numbers by clicking a couple of buttons. Although this function is offered by some in-store machines, it is far easier to choose random numbers online. When you visit websites such as the, they have a separate option of number generator and you just have to click on it and get some completely random combination of numbers that you can use for purchasing your ticket.

3- The ability to play whenever you want, regardless of time or location. As there is no need for you to go to the store for buying tickets and wait for it to open, you can choose to play whenever you choose. Websites such as are operating 24/7 so you can be playing even when you are on the bus heading to the office or going back home. You can purchase tickets, check the result or simply manage your accounts with ease, especially when you have your smartphone with you.

Types of Games

In the offline experience, you have a variety of scratch-off cards to choose from, but they cannot offer you the wide array of options you can when you decide to play online lottery games. You can participate in EuroMillions, Lotto, Thunder Ball, Lotto Hotpicks and different other games in the UK. In-store options can sometimes be out of stock, but this is not the case with online lottery games. 

Global Opportunities 

Another key benefit that you can only enjoy when you play the lottery online is the ability of participating in lotteries from all over the globe. Some of these lotteries like Mega Millions, Spain’s La Primitiva or Italy’s SuperEnalotto rack up huge jackpots routinely. Lottery websites like uk49 give you the option of participating in these draws so they can also get a chance to win these massive jackpots. Other than that, you also have the option of joining online syndicates for important overseas draws if you want as this can boost your chances of winning due to the collective purchasing power of the syndicates. Yes, you may have to share your winnings, but you will still get a substantial share, particularly if the jackpot is massive.

You should weigh the pros and cons of online and offline lotteries carefully before making a decision. It is true that there are also lottery scams online so you need to be cautious when signing up with a website. Do your research and also take advantage of the tips provided by experts to maximize your chances of winning. As long as you are careful and smart, you just might win the lottery.